Five ⑤ reasons to take the First Certificate Exam

5 Reasons WHY you should Learn English ….!

  • 1 Over 4,000,000 million people take one of the Cambridge examinations every year.
    The rest spend their time playing solitaire.
  • 2 Did you know that the number of people who speak English as a second language already exceeds the number of native English speakers?
    I guess Esperanto was not needed after all. I bet the creator is now looking for an English teacher…
  • 3 It is estimated that over 55% of web pages are written in English.
    The rest are written in Chinese, sounds easier right? I mean, Chinese only has about 5 different tones for each word.
  • 4 75% of information from different media (books, newspapers, radio, television, etc. ) is in English.
    How well informed are you?
  • 5 The First Certificate is accepted by more than 13,500universities, companies and institutions worldwide.
    But my grandmother doesn’t need it, do you?

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