Techno Spoken English

What is Techno Spoken English?


The study of speech sounds (or spoken language) is the branch of linguistics known as phonetics. The study of sound changes in a language is phonology. And a combination of various components of English Language Including the following skills:-

  1. Reading Skills.
  2. Writing Skills.
  3. Listening Skills.
  4. Speaking Skills.
  5. Grammar and Composition Usage Skills.

With the help of Latest Technology in Audio Visual Lab the students gets facility to use learn and lead. This is termed as Techno Spoken English. After successful completion of many batches we can assure your success in learning English language in a fun way with all our activity based learning system.

If you really want to learn English and be successful in Learning English as a Second  language, this is of course a best choice to join this Techno Spoken English Course at our prestigious and successful institute of English at Hyderabad.


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